Sepidan Osareh Co.

The world knows us as Iran Licorice. We produce and export licorice products in high quality.  we produce all kinds of licorice products such as: all kinds of licorice roots, licorice extract powder, licorice extract blocks, licorice extract paste, licorice extract granules, DGL and etc.

The factory is equipped with the most modern production machines. Our main export is to Germany, because of that we produce the products according to European Standards.

Sepidan Osareh Co. has one of the most modern and up-to-date laboratory. We analyze the products with HPLC device.

We guarantee that our products are 100% pure & natural.


Licorice Liquid

Our Service

We Guarantee Our Products

Sepidan Osareh Co. Guarantee the products because we know what quality we produce.
We have a constant presence in the international market such as Europe, Africa and Asia for more than 20 years. We constantly export our products to all over the world. The packaging is according to European Standards. We can deliver the goods at your desired location.



We offer excellent quality with competitive market prices.

We collect raw materials which means licorice roots from Iranian farm and also import from Azerbaijan Republic.
We have a enormous factory in Azerbaijan republic. There, we collect and produce Licorice Root products in high quality. For your further information we produce all kinds of licorice roots.

We have many certificates:

  1.  ISO 9001
    Quality Management System
  2. ISO 22000
    Food safety Management System
  3. HACCP
    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  4. ISO 10668
    Brand Valuation
  5. ISO 14001
    Environmental Management System
  6. CE
    Compliance Certificate of the EU
  7. GMP
    Good Manufacturing Practices
  8. Halal
    A unique halal brand for Moslems
  9. I.R.I FDA
     Food and Drug Administration of Iran

Mr Ahmad Shokripour and Mr Meysam Shokripour are passed Internal Auditor.

Licorice Extract Powder

 is a fine yellowish white powder with the natural and mild pleasing aroma of licorice. 

Licorice Extract Blocks

The tobacco industry is the main user of liquorice extract. The confectionery industry is estimated to be the second largest user, followed by the pharmaceutical industry.

All kind of Licorice Root

We collect an produce all kinds of licorice roots from Iranian farm and abroad.

We are 24/7 available

Our factory 24/7 on working without stopping.
We can produce 20 tons of licorice extract products Per Day.
Our factory is producing licorice products in three shifts.
We are available 24/7.

licorice powder